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Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Where am I now?

Hector Hector
I have no idea. Is this a new cult?

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
A cult is a group where you don’t know you are a member, until the last 10 minutes.


David David
Дали това е нов култ?

Holly Holly
Все още не. Това е загуба на време.


Now, the website is going to be about beneficial uses of hypnosis.

Dr. Halls

Why Hypnosis? As I thought about the word ‘cult’, I at first thought of the mind control brainwashing that highly persuasive people have misused to form various cults throughout history. On the other hand, persuasion and power of suggestion are highly beneficial, when used for good purposes, such as hypnotherapy to help people with anxiety, smoking and weight loss. So I’ve decided to cover the general broad topic of hypnosis, and subdivide it into understandable and scientifically backed learning materials.

Brittany Brittany
Are you going to talk about harmful cults?

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
Maybe later. Right now, my interest is in making hypnosis seem like normal useful and easy-to-learn for self improvement.

Investigate the talking moose. разследва на лоса. Clicking on faces is also fun. Кликвайки върху лицата е и забавно.

I became interested in hypnosis, when I realized that my talking moose software would be a perfect delivery vehicle for self-improvement hypnosis, and unlike CDs, DVDs or audio recordings or inperson therapy sessions, those take effort and dedicated time, whereas the Moose can deliver these good things intermittently and effortlessly. I’m really excited about it, and this site is a good place to record what I learned while making this project happen.